What should I do when I first get my stack?

Go through each card/dice and perform all the exercises once.  Once you do that, the games will go very smoothly.  As you start losing weight and building muscle, please contact us and tell us your story.  We LOVE to hear success stories.  If Stack 52 makes a positive difference in your life, please tell your friends and family about us.  You could also write us a review on Amazon.com

Where can I find the instructions for Strength Stack 52?

You can find instructions on using the cards here.

You can find a list of card games and how to play them here.​

​You can find the instructions and games for the Quick Sweat Dice here.

You can find instructions for Weight Loss Stack 52 here.​

What skill level is this for?

Stack 52 Games are for all skill and fitness levels.  The games are as challenging as you make them.  The only exception is the Strength Stack 52 Insane Deck.  We recommend that beginners train with the original Strength Stack 52 Deck and the Expansion Pack before attempting the Insane Deck.

Strength Stack 52 cards and the Quick Sweat Dice are perfect for​ Tabata Interval Training.  By varying the length of the work period, the rest period, and the number of rounds, users vary the intensity of a workout from very easy to world-class elite. 

Does each Stack have 52 cards and 52 unique bodyweight exercises?

Each stack has 54 cards. There is a card explaining the features and a card showing where to go for instructions, which leaves 52 cards. There is a wild card (used for games) and the rest of the cards are exercises.  Some of the exercises repeat but each card is unique as they are color coded and separated by skill level (B-beginner, I-Intermediate, A-Advanced). There are 17 unique exercises for the original Strength Stack, but 34 variations of those exercises, so each card seems unique once you include the different rep counts and variations.  The Expansion Pack has 29 unique exercises but 22 variations of those exercises each with different rep counts and variations. 

Can I still go to the gym?

Of course.  The concept of Strength Stack 52 is to bring the power of a quick, portable workout whenever and wherever you need it.  If you like, you can combine a daily gym run with a couple small games of Strength Stack 52 throughout the day or use Stack 52 games to add variety and muscle confusion to your gym routine. 

What is a QR code and how do I use it?

A QR code stands for quick response code.  It can be scanned with any QR app on your smartphone. A QR code can display a website, text message, or in the case of Strength Stack 52, a video.  The QR codes on Strength Stack 52 cards will take you to a video of the exercise on the card being properly performed.  Simply go to the app store and download any QR reader; we recommend I-nigma.

How come I haven’t heard of nano-sport periodization anywhere else?

The phrase was coined by the founder of Strength Stack 52, Michael Volkin.  As a long time fitness enthusiast, he understands that challenging games bring out the best in people, both physically and mentally. The term nano-sport periodization means:

Nano = Small or mini

Sport = Playing a game with a challenging component

Periodization = Dividing exercises into segments of different intensities

Scientific studies have proven small workouts throughout the day are more effective than one long workout.  Couple these findings with the power of a challenging game, and your fitness level will skyrocket.

What if I can’t do an exercise on the card?

That’s perfectly fine, simply remove the card from the deck temporarily until you develop more strength.  You will be able to perform it eventually.  If you are playing someone who can do exercises that you can’t, simply have an agreement before any game starts that the exercises you can’t do will be replaced with ones you can (be specific about the exercises you will be replacing though). 

Why are all the cards different colors?

Each color represents a different body part. For example, if you feel like working abs, pick out all the red cards. If you have a leg injury, remove all the yellow cards. 

Why are you called the "Volkinator"

:) It's a name that was given to me in the Army, and has just stuck over the years.